Homemade LaraBars

LaraBar_2Ever since my little guy started eating solid foods I’ve been spending much more time searching the internet for new recipes. Of course my initial searches focused on baby food purees, but now that he’s an experienced eater at 18 months I’m looking for new, healthy recipes to keep him satisfied.

Did I mention…he eats A LOT! When he wakes up in the morning I can’t get him fed quickly enough. He sits in his little high chair banging away on the tray until he gets something to pop in his mouth. Cereal has become a must have in the kitchen these days – a quick handful will keep him satisfied until I can get his breakfast ready. Regular meal times aside, snacks are becoming more of a challenge. I’m trying to stay away from packaged foods as much as possible and looking for something other than the usual fruit, yogurt or applesauce. With a bag full of dates and almonds in my pantry I thought that homemade Larabars might be worth a try.

I searched for a few recipes online and found some good blog posts to help me get started:

Apricot Almond Bars [Cookie + Kate] – I’m going to be making these today!

Simple Homemade Larabars [Creative SimpleLife] – lists the basic recipe/proportions that you can modify to your liking

Homemade Larabars 3 Ways [Running on Real Food] – Caramel Pecan, Coconut Cream, Chocolate Peanut Butter

Better than Larabars [Bonzai Aphrodite] – addition of protein powder and molasses

There are a ton of other blog posts that list variations on the basic recipe. Some recipes have many more ingredients (coconut oil, molasses, salt, water, vanilla, etc.) I like to keep things simple and prefer recipes with fewer ingredients. I may play around with the addition of flax seeds but that’s about as complicated as I want to get.

┬áThe result….

I chose to make the Apricot Almond Bars and they were pretty easy to make. As you can see from the picture, the mix filled up a square baking pan which turns out is quite a bit. Since I realized I’m not the biggest fan of dates/LaraBars, I ended up with too many bars. Good thing my 18-month-old son loved them as did my parents!


Apricot Almond Bar

I’ll be trying these again, likely a different variation on the recipe and a smaller batch!


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